Conquest Of The Ace

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International Business Accounting Petra proudly presents

Conquest of the Ace

Are you high-school students that would like to be an Ace in accounting career?
Understanding Big Data & Digital Accounting are very crucial in the accounting field.
We will help you to pave your pathway to become a future ready accountant.

Join our FREE WEBINAR and draw your future to be an Ace Accountant!

Our speakers:
James Wright. MSc., ACCA. (Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln, UK)
Hani Karunia, MBA, MSc (Head of ACCA Indonesia)
Josua Tarigan, Ph.D, CMA, CSRA (Head of IBAcc)

29th July 2021 (09.00 – 10.30)

Free registration on the following link:

Get free knowledge and a chance to win 2 door-prize “IBAcc tumblr”

Also join the Petra International Business Accounting Competition to win a total prize more than IDR 40M (Prize and Scholarship)

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